A Discarded Pearl by Dawn Brower

A very exciting story!!, March 17, 2016
By Beverly Ross
This review is from: A Discarded Pearl (A Marsden Romance Book 5) (Kindle Edition)
I loved this book! It had adventure , romance , very good writing ! Never a dull moment! Pearla and Damian made the perfect couple she had a very bad run of luck in her first attempt at marriage but in a way it led her to her one true love! Lots of crazy characters that were thoroughly entertaining! I really enjoy reading Dawn Brower’s writing . She is a very talented author! I received this book as a gift in exchange for an honest review!

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Unexpected Forfeit by Sapphire Knight

Awesome book!!, March 15, 2016
By Beverly Ross
Verified Purchase
This review is from: Unexpected Forfeit (A Ground and Pound Novel Book 1)
This was an extremely good story! Chyna was a very good girl with some abandonment issues and Have was a very sweet man that literally fought his way out of a way out of a bad life and a bad family who were willing to do whatever they had to , to cash in on him for their own benefit! It was awesome that he broke free and made a life for them awesome ! I can’t wait to read more by Sapphire Knight!! She’s a wonderful author!

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Never Kiss an Outlaw Deadly Pistols MC

Extremly hot!! You will love it!!, March 1, 2016
By Beverly Ross
This review is from: Never Kiss an Outlaw: Deadly Pistols MC Romance (Outlaw Love) (Kindle Edition)
Poor Cora! Watched her father kill himself when he got himself in too deep with the MC Club the Torches!! What’s a girl to do?? Go on lockdown with a sexy irresistible biker whom has been threatened with dire consequences if he touches her!! Her father’s best friend also happened to be the President of the Deadly Pistols MC!! She doesn’t even like bikers they are criminals right?? Especially the jerk Sgt at arm’s that has been assigned to her! She kinda gets a kick out of pissing him off!! Where there is smoke there is Fire!!! Very good action packed! Very steamy love story!

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Romance of London: The Championship at George IV’s Coronation

Very interesting article!

Susana's Parlour

Romance of London: Strange Stories, Scenes And Remarkable Person of the Great Town in 3 Volumes

John Timbs

John Timbs (1801-1875), who also wrote as Horace Welby, was an English author and aficionado of antiquities. Born in Clerkenwell, London, he was apprenticed at 16 to a druggist and printer, where he soon showed great literary promise. At 19, he began to write for Monthly Magazine, and a year later he was made secretary to the magazine’s proprietor and there began his career as a writer, editor, and antiquarian.

This particular book is available at googlebooks for free in ebook form. Or you can pay for a print version.

The Championship of England*


The chivalrous and dignified office of Champion of England at our coronations is conferred by the feudal manor of Scrivelsby, about two miles south of Horncastle, on the road towards Boston in Lincolnshire. By the holding of…

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Gods of Chaos MC Club boxset by Honey Palomino

Very good box set!!, February 28, 2016
By Beverly Ross
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: GODS OF CHAOS MOTORCYCLE CLUB: THE TRILOGY (Motorcycle Club Romance) (Kindle Edition)
If you like MC club books you will love this boxset!! Truly a gem! It has it all! Action sex romance all done in very good taste! Loved it and I would highly recommend this boxset great price!

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