Cover Reveal: A Discarded Pearl

A very good upcoming release! Check it out!

Dawning Whimsy

ADiscardedPearl_HiRes I am still writing this book. But I have cover art and I am not known for my patience. So I am sharing this even though I don’t even have a blurb written for the book. I will give you a little information on it though and an unedited excerpt to wet your appetite.

Take a moment to stare at my wonderful new cover. Then read through my quick draft of the blurb. Enjoy the excerpt and please comment and let me know what you think of it all. I look forward to your thoughts and insights into Damian and Pearla’s story.

Blurb (a quickie 😉 )

Pearla Montgomery is nursing a broken heart. She was set to marry the Duke of Huntly only to have her wedding halted before they finished saying their I do’s. Her intended’s presumed dead wife interrupted the nuptials. In order to get away from…

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