All the Ways to Ruin a Rogue by Sophie Jordan

Sophie Jordan does it again! 10 star book!!, August 4, 2015
By By Beverly Ross
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This review is from: All the Ways to Ruin a Rogue: The Debutante Files (The Debutante Files Series Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
I loved it!! Auriela and Max’s story was awesome!! She love him at first sight and she was only 9 yrs old then at 15 she was determined that he would see her as a woman and she would be swept off her feet by him!! At least that’s what was supposed to happen! Not him getting busy with a maid in the greenhouse! And from what little taking that they were doing she gathered this wasn’t the first time! She was crushed!! She was so angry with him she went to her favorite spot and drew til she got her anger under control! And then she was called in by her mother and forgot to take her sketchbook with her. She really didn’t mean for a gang of young men to find her sketch and give him that horrible nickname!! He was devastated by the picture and the nickname that stuck with him even years later. He didn’t have a clue why she did it , he thought that they were friends! Well now t were at war! Then it just got better and better from there ! They fought and needled each other every time they were near each other it was guaranteed fireworks I couldn’t put it down!! I can’t wait for the next book in this series!!

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