Lord Fenton’s Folly by Josi Kilpack

beverly r, Reviewer
This was a very good book! Alice was a sweet young girl who harbored a crush on Lord Fenton for s very long time. When he asked her to marry she was overjoyed! Then she began to notice that he didn’t really seem to want to be around her , she felt like he was strained and not really happy so she confronted him and demanded the truth and he told her he was obligated to marry or he would be cut off and she was the least objectionable choice! This broke her heart but since she never loved anyone else she decided to go through with the wedding and make the best of it. Now she had no illusions! Lord Fenton was a very angry rebellious young man who felt everything was being forced on him! The only one he ever had that loved him was his mother and she loved Alice! When his mother became ill and they traveled back to her old estate where she grew up alot of family secrets came out that left him unable to fathom the betrayal of everything that he had thought was true Alice comes to him to try to comfort him he begins to see her as his friend from childhood and what a lovely woman she has become and can only hope he hasn’t ruined everything with his behavior. I really loved this book and recommend it highly?

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