The Highlander’s Choice by CALLIE Hutton

The Sassenach’s Choice!! Lol!, July 14, 2015
By Beverly Ross
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This review is from: The Highlander’s Choice (Entangled Scandalous) (Marriage Mart Mayhem) (Kindle Edition)
I absolutely loved it! Callie has outdone herself with this story!! It’s an amusing romp through Scotland that had me laughing all the way through! Lady Sarah worries that her friend is making a terrible mistake marrying a Scot they are nothing but big oafish brutes! She hopes her friend can adjust! On the other hand his best man Liam swears hrs making a mistake marrying a pale sickly little sassenach who will probably stay in bed all day and have people wait on her hand and foot! Then Sarah meets Liam and its fireworks! They can’t stand each other!! Or can they? If you ask each of them they cannot like each other! Then how come they can’t seem to stay away from each other

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