Lady Scandal by Wendy LaCapra

Lady Scandal, July 14, 2015
By Beverly Ross
This review is from: Lady Scandal (Entangled Scandalous) (Kindle Edition)
I loved this second book of the Furies! This was a very suspenseful , action packed , fun , romantic story! Trying to escape the legacy of her father. Sophia makes a bet and ends up married to Lord Randolph only to find out that he is one of his father’s protege’s! She is furious! Now she can’t trust him but her father’s enemies are closing in on her! So she has to run ! She doesn’t believe anything Hugh says she even thinks he is trying to kill her for her father’s secrets! He promised her father he would take care of her and ever since he met her she has intrigued him ,and annoyed him like no one else ever has!! In tracking her down to try to explain he leads the assassins right to her then they must fight for their lives and set up the enemy to stop the corruption going on or they will never be free to have a good normal life. Hugh loves her and decides if she is really that opposed to the marriage he will find a way out for her. He would rather give her up and let her be happy than hold her in an unhappy marriage. This book was very exciting! I recommend it to everyone! You won’t be disappointed!

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