How to Marry a Royal Highlander by Vanessa Kelly

Bev Ross’s review Jun 27, 15 · edit
5 of 5 stars
Read in June, 2015

I loved this story! Eden was the boldest most outgoing of the twins! And she can’t seem to stay out of trouble it just attracts her like a magnet!! And her brother-in-laws friend Alisdair just rubs her the wrong way and seems to take great delight in doing anything he can to aggravate her!! She gets banished to the highlands for her latest disgrace! And wouldn’t you know Alisdair just happens to be going home to settle in to his life finally! He’s rich He’s titled and an old betrothal arranged by the family is waiting for him and he can’t run any longer! So naturally he will be the perfect escort for Eden and her mother,! No amount of wheedling, or begging will sway her mother! This story is I believe the best of all in this series! They were all good but I like this one best! Their personalities clash or do they?? I really enjoyed the humor of this book it was extremely well written. The characters perfect ! Of all books I could recommend this one is one I’ll enjoy reading over and over again!! I received this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review! Vanessa Kelly hit a home run with this book!!

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