An Improper Proposal by Heather Boyd

An Improper Proposal by Heather Boyd, June 11, 2015
By Beverly Ross

This review is from: An Improper Proposal (Distinguished Rogues Book 6) (Kindle Edition)
Iris Hedley had lost everything! Her father was in debtors prison and now she was living off the charity of one of her friends! No one knew where her dad was they were keeping it a secret so maybe she would still have a chance at marriage! But to keep her dad safe she is being blackmailed into helping a criminal rob the rich people . Feeling hopeless she decides to become a courtesan! So she can support herself she asks Lord Louth to teach her what she needs to know to be a mistress! He didn’t think she was serious! But then he was afraid she would ask someone else so he agrees! This book has humor and lots of romance I loved it !! Not your typical debutante!!

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