A Marquis for Mary by Jess Michaels

A Marquis for Mary by Jess Michaels, June 9, 2015
By Beverly Ross
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This review is from: A Marquis For Mary (The Notorious Flynns Book 5) (Kindle Edition)
I loved it! I was wondering if Jess would write a story about Edward after Crispin and Gemma’s book! He was such a sad character! And the potential was there for a good story! I thought it was perfect that he met Mary! They needed each other! Mary’s father didn’t even deserve to be taken care of at all I was glad he got put in his place but I don’t think he should’ve gotten any thing to benefit him after the way he tormented his daughters! I hope she writes about him in future books I would like to see him get hooked up with a woman that has money but she’s in control and a harpy! So he has to do what she says for his living ! It would serve him right! Anyway enough about him ! Mary and Edward were perfect for each other ! I hope in future stories we get to see his exwifes sisters get what is coming to them too! This was the perfect beginning to the Woodley series and as we met Edwards family I see a lot of stories there ! Goody! I love Jess Michaels!! And all her stories!!

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