The Haunting of Lord Wolf by Jerrica


The haunting of Lord Wolf by Jerrica Knight-Catania, June 7, 2015
This review is from: The Haunting of Lord Wolf (A One Haunted Evening Novella) (Kindle Edition)
This was a very cute romantic book!! They all went to the castle on a lark or so they thought! Joking and disbelieving in ghosts they found excuses for all the strange things that were going on around them. When Alistair met Daphne he was amused by her appearance she had been in the middle of making her famous rum butter that she sold locally to help supplement her brothers income as the local doctor. She had never went in the castle being local she believed the legend! But when Alistair showed up on her doorstep needing a doctor for his friend she had to go! She had never met someone so handsome! This was a very sweet amusing tale! I would recommend this series to everyone! They are shown from each characters perspective of the events of a trip to visit a haunted castle inherited by their friend! Each story can be read alone! They are very good stories by themselves! But it’s cool to get the different perspectives! I loved this series!
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