Seduced by a Lady’s Heart by Christi Caldwell

Book 1 in the Lord’s of Honor series by Christi Caldwell, June 5, 2015
By Beverly Ross

This review is from: Seduced By a Lady’s Heart (Lords of Honor Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
Oh I don’t even know how to explain how I felt about this book ! It was the most moving book I have read in a long long time! The love Eloise has always carried for Lucien was so touching! Even when he met a girl and married and totally abandoned Eloise instead of being bitter she was happy that he was happy even though she loved him so much! I don’t like to give spoilers , but for background , so I don’t sound like I’m just rambling! Lucien was forced into the military by his father after only a couple months of marriage. When he returned home after the mental scars and losing his arm. He returns to find his wife and son dead from a fever. Needless to say he hated his father and didn’t care whether he lived and at one time they feared he would commit suicide! His old commander’s wife Emmaline visited him and read to him and pulled him from his lethargic state and he was bitter and decided never to return home he never wanted to see his father again! His commander hired him and he began to work for him as a servant. In the meantime Eloise had married and lost her husband , she was a widowed Countess. His brother’s, who were like brothers to Eloise , asked her to find him and convince him to come home before their father died . Their father was on his deathbed and asking for him. The Lucien she found was not the Lucien of their childhood! This was not going to be easy! Especially since she loved him still with all her heart . She had never stopped! This is by far one of Christi’s best books !! And this is only the first in the series! I so look forward to the next book ! I can’t say enough good things about this book! It is definitely a MUST-READ!

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